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Name KingdomSurvival-Network
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Join now the KingdomSurvival Server!


KingdomSurvival Network is 24/7 minecraft server.
Whit a nice Staff, and 5 Servers!

Hub Server (/hub)
This is our lobby Server.
In this server can you tp to all the other servers using
the compass in your inventory. If you are in another server.
You can use the /hub command to go back to our lobby server.
You can also chose a server using the /warp command

Survival Server (/warp survival)
Here can you build houses, castles and other things.
In this world you have to protect your house withprotecting stones
(you can buy protection stones at /warp survival)
In this world is griefing and killing people forbidden!
If you grief/kill a player in this world you will get banned.

PVP Server (/warp pvp)
In this world you have to make a Faction or you can try to join a Faction.
Fight against other factions and become the best and biggest faction of
the server! In this world you may grief and ofcourse you may kill people!
If you die we will not give you your stuff back!

Minigames Server (/warp minigames)
In this world can you play minigames.
At the moment we have the following minigames :
- BowSpleef
- Skyblock
- Quake
- TNT Run
We are working on more minigames but it takes some time.
If you know a minigame we should have in our server.
Contact us and we will think about it.

Creative Server (/warp creative)
You can build in this server using the creative gamemode.
To start you have to own a plot. Use /plotme auto.
A plot is 150 x 150 blocks. So you can build big buildings.
You can also build with multiple players on one plot.
To add a player to your plot use : /plotme add (name of the player)
Need help with it? Just ask the staff.

If this is the perfect server for you. you can join the server on the following ip :


We hope to see you in our awesome server!

KingdomSurvival Staff.

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