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CloudCraft SMP (mc.cloudcraftfun.net)

CloudCraft is an ongoing server of eight months and counting anyone can enjoy. Its for people looking to just have fun, its for pvpers (we have pvp worlds) and even roleplayers can have fun here. We use many different mods to enhance this fun such as bridges, elevators, minecart boosters by just putting gold blocks under the tracks and so on.</p><p>Lots of stuff aimed at user fun, Flying, Bridges, Teleport to block, Magic carpets, Protected land and chests and much more. We also have a well setup userbase with respectable and friendly people in positions of power will ensure your stay at CloudCraft SMP!

(Theres more interesting and fun features then what were listed come see!) Don't grief mmk?

Server full?
Reserve slots can be purchased from the drop down list on the donate page and these allow you to log in even when the server is full.

Getting started

You will begin in the guest world where all guests go.

Read the signs and follow directions. The guest world helps filter griefers from regular players and protects the other main worlds. Since there is so many people coming and going, take your own steps to prevent getting griefed. Build far away from spawn or underground.

When you build a fine decent house begin patiently looking for a staff member who can promote you. If they deem your house worthy they'll promote you. Also don't make houses with other people as we disallow this since people were grouping up to try and get promoted easily.

When you get promoted type /world or read the signs at guest spawn for more information. You will be able to visit the main worlds and get the full experience of CloudCraft.

Some features at glance

* Chest protections and logging (never get stolen from again)
* Functional shop with economy and prices on all items.
* Multiple worlds some for creativity others for pvp, exploration or minigames like portal.
(Theres a grief-allowed world too)
* Backups made regularly and archived to protect your work.
* All blocks are logged over mysql. (Every block placed, removed, touched or changed is logged and can be rolled back)
* All users are frequently checked up on and monitored by invisible mods and admins.
* TNT, Fire, Lava ect are disabled in building worlds but works in survival worlds.
(For your building pleasure)
* Monsters and animals are enabled but do not spawn naturally in building worlds.
(Mob spawns when you want them to)

Chat with us on irc and stay in touch
* http://www.cloudcraftfun.net/chat

Donations get you many benefits such as invisibility. Reserve slots are also available.
* http://www.cloudcraftfun.net/donate

Outdated server/client? Go here: http://www.cloudcraftfun.net/downgrade

Unban requests. Email cloudafloat@gmail.com with:

* Your ingame name.
* How long you've been playing.
* Ingame names of people that know you or may vouch for you.
* Why you wish to be unbanned?

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