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Come join the newest factions server. Nightraid Factions server is a place to come, craft, build, fight and have a great time. We have minimal rules and a great safe/fun environment. Features: Spawn: When you join you will be greeted with a simplistic safe spawn world with 4 portals. Portal 1: Wild When you walk through the wild portal you will be taked to a random location in the wild world when you can explore and start to build, this way you are not joining on top of other players and have a fair chance to get building before other players start to attack you. The fun challenge of this is that you need to set a home ASAP as you may not be able to easily get back to   where you died. Portal 2: Nether When you walk through the nether portal you will be taken to a random location in the nether. In the nether there are 2 features that you can enjoy a bit of a challenge and fun, there is a 1000 diameter ring that you can walk or fly your way through increasing your chances of finding Nether cities etc but be careful flying because this ring is filled with lava pillars and one wrong move and you could burn. Portal 3: End Island When you walk through the End Island portal you will be taken to a random   location on the main island in The End when you can fight the dragon or mine obsidian from the towers. Portal 4: End Exploration When you walk through the End Exploration portal you will be taken to a random island in The end within a 25000 radius from the main island. The increases your chances of finding an end city but be careful if you die getting back may not be to easy. Safe Enviroment:   This is a safe environment with rules to protect young players and ever   expanding staff to enforce these rules, if you are a parent with kids who   want to play on this server but want to protect them please feel free to   message me with the details and I will consider allowing basic parental   moderation powers to you in order to personally be involved in the protection   of your children.

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