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Place a server review with a minimal of 50 words or more, you can post anything about PixelmonCraft (I.E. suggestions, first impressions, thoughts, ideas) on the following websites:

Also consider giving us a Like on Facebook:

When completed leave a message in this topic that you have completed the server reviews and you shall be rewarded with 1000 Poke-Dollars and 1000 Pixelmon-Points per review. Also be sure to leave your username behind the review so we can recognize yours.

We aim to pay out the rewards after each 10+/- people completed the reviews.

I made one on planet minecraft (forgot my password on pixelmon mod, so)


I did both again, though the comment isn't showing up for some reason.

Done Both Bro!!!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

I have done both! :)

Both are done :)

Done with both.

 Done both ;)


Done both, had to use the username ProbablyPete tho

Done with both reviews :)

Both are done!

Wrote the best reviews ever.

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Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Reviewed. :) My server name is acekidash cause I changed it. If this could be changed in the forums that'd be great. Thanks.

*finds the review I made years ago*

Done both again, though.

did it!!!

thanks for the opertunety to earn money


I have posted on all 3 and gave them their respected likes, diamond's and favourite's

i have reviewed all 3, as well as liking them etc


Wrote reviews on all the websites gimme my points and pd now :D

i made one on pixelcraft

I wrote reviews and liked every page on there including the Facebook page

Done the reviews :)

Done the review on pixelmon mod page, but made 2 posts. Should be 50 words, haven't checked though :P Now gimme the rewards fast! 

Total newb. 

Trading wild caught Lvl43 Glalie for a Legendary. Feel free to enquire!

I did one for the pixelmonmod website, it should roughly add up to 50 words :)


Are we ever going to get our rewards? :/