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Survival Server

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I suggest some updates for the survival server. Myself and ogre666911 play that server and yesterday we had 10 people on. the server is getting more active people and it seems like this server is getting nothing. both of us are donators and I also buy Pokemon so there is money coming from us which should be put towards fixing up that server. as your web site says that all donations help keep the servers going but when the server is getting trashed over the last 2 years where gyms are half blown up and stuff its not fun. both of us have been trying to fix up the few gyms that are not claimed. we get notices about votepartys but we dont get anything and we get told about being about to trade Pokemon between safari server but cant. we should get something. I mean kanto get Halloween events and all. We put alot of time and bought pokemon and stuff on survival server and just dont want to move to kanto because you gave up on survival server.  BUT! I do need to note that the mod "Cake" has been the main one active in helping with issues on that server. so thank you to her! and of course thank you to lemon for getting back up the server after is crashed and died twice.....poor server.

I also want to be able to transfer pokemon to the survival server :P

Send me a message if you need my help - I will do my best to help you with your problem :)