Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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So, I'm sure most of you know that Pokemon USUM came out on the 17th. I thought I'd make this forum topic so that people who play the game can help each other here in this forum post. If you need help with the game, comment on here and someone might answer your question. The 1 rule here would be to try not to spoil the story. If your comment does contain spoilers, make sure to make it into a spoilers thing so that people have to click on it to open it up. If you post a spoiler, your comment will be deleted. If your comment is not related to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it will be deleted.

Great Idea chris, has anyone figured out where to take marshadow to get the z crystal yet?


you get it along with marshadow from the marshadow card mystery gift thingy

But you can't claim the card in USUM, can you?

ah yes, just reached akala city in game, in the hotel at heahea city, take the elevator and head to one of the rooms, one man would ask to show em a marshadow/mew/snorlax and he will give you their respective z crystal i think

How to I get marshadow in usum?

thanks, the only way you can get it is with pokemon bank, or to tradde it to someone with any gen seven game and to trade it to the ultra game, i thought the crystal would be got like that, same with the pikachurium z



I didn't realize pokebank was updated until after I asked that question.