What's wrong with Chestshop?

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I don't know why, but as soon I first logged in to this server I discovered that they were missing one thing : a Chestshop economy.

I have heard that people said that they can destroy the economy, but how? If you answer that people can make mass farms, but how? I guess the farms you can make are: cacti farms (but who would buy cacti?) , crop farms(there is no hunger, so yeah?), apricots farms(but you can get them for free) and berry farms that peoplewpuld rarely even buy from. So the major question is, why can't why have a Chestshop plugin?


I'm going to use maccajr3 as an example in this. (3rd on baltop)

Macca is already the 2nd richest person on the server. We introduce a sign shop/chest shop plugin. Macca then decides to make a sign shop to sell some of his items, however he notices some other shops that are also doing good business. He thinks to himself, Wow if those other shops were gone, all people would have to come to my shop and buy my stuff. So he simply goes to everyone elses shop and buys everything they have. He then re-sells this at the lowest possible profitable price to reclaim his money. After a while other people run out of stuff to sell while macca has vast stocks of all items, this means people always come to his shop and buy the items from there because they are cheaper and they are always in stock. After a while he becomes far wealthier than anyone else and controls a vast proportion of the economy.

The above example is known as a Catch 42... or was it Warp?

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Cheers Pete, please be aware that is not what i have done haha, i just sell stuff, my prices do not fluctuate. /warp pokesale 


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Wait but that still doesn't make sense because:

1.He would lose a lot of money from buying stock.

2.its not guranteed that people would buy all of his stock, and therefore he would still have losses.

Please think about this!

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Sure you may lose a few thousand at once buying out a shop, but simply re-selling it at your own highly used shop you then remake your money.

If your shop sells consistently then you will still make profit.

Side note - Stop trying to disprove things that have already happened. 

SilverKnights1, what Pete said happened in the old server. 1 person bought out every other shop. Sign shops will not be added. Btw, by farm, we don't mean an actual farm, we mean a money farm. We aren't talking about growing food.

The money generated from having a well stocked shop while nobody else does far outweighs any losses. Believe me I was the one player XD

Well i suppose I get it now :|. for the accident that happended before i couldnt have known it since i was new

Total newb. 

Trading wild caught Lvl43 Glalie for a Legendary. Feel free to enquire!