My Resignation

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     Many of you may have heard of me, know me, or at least challenged my gym, if not then I'll highly suggest you not to read this. As I meet people along this server and they got to know me, they'd either call me "laid-back" or "easy-going." Now there were some things you didn't actually know about me, I had opinions for each and every one of you and they typically were either bad or good. I'm not one to judge, but if they're my opinions and I don't tell anyone, but maybe friends then it's allowed in my book. If you would like to see what kind of opinion I had about you you can check at the end of this post, if you want to keep reading go ahead.

My History:

     I was a poor soul when I first joined, nobody really stood by me, I felt like an average solo player. I didn't really mind it cause I thought of it as just another online game that'd I'd probably never take seriously and leave later, but I found out it was more than that. At the time Minecraft was a pretty fun, and when I had something combined like my favorite childhood game mashed up with a currently popular game I began to enjoy it more and felt the way that some other players thought of it, so I stayed a bit longer. I was later introduced to TS3 server, where at the time was just using speakers to play and didn't have a microphone. I got to meet some players that I to this day still talk to, and they really inspired me to stay with the community and enjoy it more, which would explain why I'm still here to this day. Months later I applied for the rank "Gymleader" and was declined many times until the Ground Gym was desperate.

Why I'm Resigning: 

     Time sometimes is a problem for me, I can't control when or where I'll be when I'm needed, hopefully most of you will understand that one person can't be everywhere. My future means a lot to me and when I'm putting in all the time I can possibly put in it means I actually care about my rank. I wouldn't give up my life for a rank on a server, there are things that mean a lot more to me than that. My choices can be uncertain at times, but for now this is my real decision. I will definitely hop online time to time, but you won't see me as much as you used to, that's if I decide to return.




I'll miss being around as much as I used to, most of you may have seen it coming knowing I wasn't as active, I wish everyone the best of luck if you catch me around hopefully we can talk.

k bye

:,( Hope you'll still hop on TS from time to time burn man <3



Sad to see a long time gymleader leave, but good luck in the future!

Peace bro, i wish i had a slice of your 'laid backness' your a decent guy and i get you need to focus on more important things :-) good luck dont be a stranger!!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

I will miss you too Burn :)



Bye burn, you were a good gym leader! :)