How to get back to the old 1.7.10 servers

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most users will be on the AT Launcher, make a pixelmoncraft 1.7.10 instance, then when you do that load it up.

Go over to safari or planet idk which one was up then do /kanto /johto /safari or which ever server you played on....

hoping this helped someone ;3

you just have to reinstall the mod but change the version of it.

To go to the 1.7.10 servers, you must install the instance on AT-Launcher for 1.7.10 and pixelmon 3.5.1. Once you load up, click multiplayer and connect to Hopefully this answered your question, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask. :)

Personally I made a custom pack in Curse, that way you can switch between quickly to transfer more pokemon.