[Updated] Shinies For Sale

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These are actually starting to clutter up my box a bit, I don't use them so I'm about 99% sure that these are all most likely untouched (Don't Take My Word, I'll always check before trading)

If you have questions on the Natures, IVs, and Prices let me know beforehand so I can get it all situated, thanks.

If I can I would like to buy the porygon z and the lotad if still avaliable


Very broad question, but do any of these have decent IV's haha

Smash yes they are if you catch me on let me know

Moose not 100% sure lol again it's more or less just random stuff, like I won't have the time to actually look through all of them sorry heh

If I'm on when you are, I'll inquire further, thanks :p