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'Lets make TeamSpeak Great Again' Macca 2017

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I understand that Discord is the new fandangled communication server. However i would like to bid to make Team Speak great once more.

In the old days it was the place to be hoping from chat to chat busy as a hive. Lets do it again we already have a strong group of people talking and want more!!!

Don't sit AFK on discord come chat with us on TeamSpeak!!!!


Don't get left behind move forward at the rate of Electrode on Rare Candies!!!




This is great. :)

No thanks, I like TeamSpeak the way it is

^ huh im not talking about changing it pal, im saying to get people on TeamSpeak!!!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

Exactly, I like TeamSpeak the way it is

I don't think you ever experienced how it was before then lol before there were many "cliques" and just about every room had a group of completely different people you can go into any channel and have a different vibe/conversation 

Agree with Nyk the amount of people and the fact your could literally walk into any conversation with no awkwardness or malice. I miss the old days although i feel we could revive that.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

We just need to invite people onto the server and make them feel welcome and want to stay. Some people for whatever reason (no name drops or anything this is a couple years of analysis) think it's funny or idk to act like male heads ;) to new members on the TS especially if the are of the younger age group.


Lets keep making TeamSpeak Great!!!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

teamspeak sucks let use discord :P


fight me IRL

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

Having to listen to macca on teamspeak < Discord (going to go download it)

Discord is the new wave I guess lol