Pokemon Jeopardy !

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My first Pokemon Jeopardy quiz show shall be hosted on the server's TeamSpeak Saturday October 22nd, 2016. For those who aren't familiar with Jeopardy allow me to explain how this shall go.

Three players shall be chosen to participate in the game show on the spot. Those chosen to participate will be randomly selected from those present in the channel that the game is being hosted in. Once the three players are chosen they will each be assigned a team. Each week there will be atleast one new category, and each week there will always be a new set of questions. There are a total of 6 categories all falling under the general category of 'Pokemon'. Each category has 5 point values going from 100 all the way to 500 points. A player will randomly be chosen to choose a category, and a point value, to start the game. Once a question has been fully read, contestants shall have 15 seconds to say an answer. After 45 seconds, the question's answer shall be revealed and no points shall be awarded. If the question is answered correctly you shall be awarded the amount of points stated on the question, but if answered incorrectly you shall lose that amount of points. Among the questions there are 2 questions that are "Daily Double" questions. What this means is that when you choose this question, you have the opportunity to gain double the points that the question is worth, but you also have the same risk of losing points. At the end of the game, once the entire board has been cleared, a Final Jeopardy question is asked. Players are able to bid their points, with a minimum of 100Pts to be bid. They shall have 60 seconds to PM the answer to the host. After 60 seconds have passed, the answers shall be read off, and each contestant who's answer is correct shall receive double the points they bid and if your answer is incorrect you shall receive nothing. At the end of it the player with the most points is crowned the winner.


  1. No using Google to answer questions.
  2. Answers must be exact unless stated otherwise.
  3. Participants have 10 seconds to state their answer after buzzing in.
  4. Mics are required in order to participate.
  5. No help from other people during the game.
  6. Poor sportsmanship is not allowed.
  7. No arguing if you don't go first, host has final say.
  8. All questions have been fact checked, so no arguing the questions either.
  9. You are allowed to request a screenshot of the board with the questions that are left.
  10. The winner is always guaranteed a spot in the next game, and it is mandatory for their 'Champion' position. 
  11. Any other form of cheating that wasn't stated is not allowed. 
  12. Throwing games shall be labeled as an immediate disqualification for both parties. 

What's the Prize?

  • Winners shall be given their points reviewed in PC on the server. 
  • Champions that are on a consistent streak receive a 5% boost towards their PC prize at the end of the game if they win (EX. If you win game 1 you receive a 0% boost, but if you win game 2 you receive a 5% boost, if you win game 3 you receive a 5% boost, and this shall continue up until a 20 game streak where your prize money is doubled.)

When will this happen?

  • The first game, as stated before, will be on Saturday October 22nd, 2016 at 1pm Central time. Timezone Converter (I'm Illinois)
  • After the first game, seeing how smoothly everything goes, the games will be weekly every Saturday.
  • There shall either be a channel specifically made for this Pokemon Jeopardy, or the 'White Girl Music Party' channel shall be used to host.