Lumi =)

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Hi guys!

Nice to see that you are all still playing on here! I decided i want to check around since this server and all my friends are still here.

So how is everything at the moment? it has been over 7 months since i logged in for the last time. any gym team updates? mechanic updates? i'd like to hear them all. but most importantly, how are you doing? Of course i want to hear from my friends FrostRhymes, olinite, itsjustwesley and all the others still playing. but if you are a new player who i don't know, feel free to say something as well!

And for those who do not know me: Hi I am Lumirecia, an old (not in age XD ) and pretty experienced player who holds a statue at /hof. If it comes to pokemon i know a lot about it, so if you post a question on here I might give some advice!


Ty for your time.