The Noob Guide to PixelmonCraft (Suggestions are appreciated)

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Hello and welcome to the noob survival guide for PixelmonCraft. In this guide I will be answering the common questions asked by  new players as well as covering basic advice e.g Breeding. 

Section one is for New trainers while section 2 is for new donators.

Section 1

The Starter Glitch

When you first spawn onto the server you will experience a starter glitch, this has nothing to do with the server and they can be removed by deleting them in the pc. You can also relog during the process of the glitch to cancel it as it happens. There are also cases where you have no Pokemon, if this occurs do /starter.

Why was I warned/kicked or muted?

The main reason for these events is that you have broken one of the sever rules and depending on the rule you have broken and how severe you were, staff will punish you accordingly. The rules that the server runs by can be found here 

Help I'm stuck in a block or home ?

If this is the case you can use /trapped to return spawn.

What is Pc and what are Pixelpoints(pp)?

Pc is the server wide currency that we use to buy and trade various items and pokemon while Pixelpoints are points which can alter pokemon. More info on Pixelpoints can be found here

Where and how do i get Pc?

Well the main way would be voting, see the following section. However there are other ways to gain pc, mainly from interacting with other players. For example you can set up a shop and buy a warp from the server shop and sell items and pokemon to the people of the server. Also people tend to offer pc for odd jobs like filling in land, just ask around for these types of things.  You can also sell some pokemon loot drops at the pokemart to make quick money.

How do I enter the jackpot?

To enter the jackpot you simply vote for the server on the different vote links provided. There is a chance you will win the jackpot however it  is not guaranteed that you will win the jackpot al the time.

How do I get to teamspeak?

You can get Teamspeak from here  and the copy and paste the Server  address which  is 

Where do I apply for Gymleader or  Pokehelper?

You can apply for either at  or Things are explained after you follow the links.

Where  is my starter kit and/why do I not have anything?

As soon as you spawn on the kanto server (most common server) I highly recommend that  you do /kit to get the starter kit that all new players are entitled to. You can also do /shop then go to Freebies to get other free items like the one free  shiny for new players.

How do I get a home/claim my land?

There are 2 commands you can use to find unclaimed land which you can them claim and use. These commands are /rtp and /findland. These commands will as the names suggests teleport you to some random place on the server, there is a chance that you will be teleported to an area that is claimed, if this happens just use the commands again. When you have found a suitable location for you to use and redeem the starter kit you can start the process of building a house and claiming it. I assume as you are playing modded minecraft you can at least build a home so on to claiming land. To begin the claiming process use the golden shovel from the starter kit and right click one corner of your desired claim then right click the opposite corner than bam you have a claim to work with.  When you first place a chest on the server a 9x9 claim will be made around the chest in order to protect it from theft. Just a side note all claims have to be at least 10x10 to be eligible to protect your land. MAJOR SIDE NOTE: Do not be stupid do /sethome in your new claim so you can get there easily.

How do I make pokeballs or where do I get them from.

Well as previously stated you get a starter kit from the server when you first start playing and this contains pokeballs for you to use. To craft more you will need to follow the processes seen here and Basic equipment list : A hammer. apricorns ( colors you need) , bases, a pixelmon anvil and a furnace.

How do I make my pokemon relearn old moves?

For this topic I will be handing you over to Yutolio here

How do I transfer Pokemon Between Servers?

To transfer Pokemon between servers do /store (slot) on the server with the pokemon then do /claim on the server where you want to have the Pokemon. Side Note: There are known glitches with this system which can cause Pokemon to disappear or duplicate, Do not say you were not warned.

How do I go about Breeding  Pokemon?

Ok breeding is a relatively essential part of competitive battling and a key way to best the gyms(more on that next section). But first breeding is useful to teach pokemon good moves and to gain access to those key ivs which can swing battles. The first thing you will need is two pokemon of differing genders that are in the same egg group ( ) or a normal poke and Ditto. After collecting the pokemon you want you will need to acquire a ranch block, you can buy these at /loveshack on Kanto or Craft them following these steps After you have gotten a ranch block place the two pokemon into the ranch block and wait till they show red hearts. When they show red hearts the egg has been produced and you have the baby pokemon.  For competitive pokemon breeding and creation, see Yutolio's guide here . Side note: Do not destroy ranches while pokemon are still in them as this will cause them to be locked in your pc, Staff can unlock them but it would be best to avoid this if possible. 

How do I get to the gyms?/ Why are the gym leaders so strong?(Kanto exclusive)

To go to or check if a gym you are after is open do /gyms and you can do /sl to check if any leaders for the gym you need are online. On to the reason why the gym leaders are a little tougher than most servers. This is because if you could just steamroll the gyms there would be little point in them even being there in the first place it would also not be very fun for the gymleaders and beating a tough gym tends to give players a better sense of achievement which is part of the server experience. Saying all this the gyms are not impossible to beat and with the right team and a good trainer it would not take to long to beat them all. Side note read the gym rules  , ,saves all of us time and stops you getting disqualified before you even start.

The Pokemon auction

You will need a fourm account to use this function. To get an account click the login button on the type right corner then click sign up. The feature is very useful for player who need good iv Pokemon but do not have time to breed them. You buy pokemon from the auction then do /claim (Serverside) to get them on the server. Once claimed they will enter your pc.

Help I do not know what commands do what.

Ok so here is a list of commands that the basic new player will need :

/center: teleports the player to the pokemon center at spawn.

/spawn teleports the player to the 'player' home at spawn.

/kit  Gives the starter kit

/sethome Sets a home for the player, a normal trainer gets one home while donators get 3.

/home  Teleorts you to your set home.

/delhome  Deletes your home.

/sell adds a pokemon to the auction.

/store adds a pokemon to a transfer area so they can be moved between servers.

/claim claims the pokemon that has been stored also used to claim pokemon bought from the auction.

 /money  Shows the current pc balance

/points shows the current pixelpoints balance.

/gyms Shows gyms that are open. (Kanto exclusive)

/tpa Name Teleports to a player

/tpaccept  Accepts a tpa request

/tpadeny  Denys a tpa request.

Useful warps.

/pokemart   A server ran shop which allows players to buy items at a constant rate ( a little expensive)

​/warp craft   A list of crafting recipies.

/warp battle  Most common arena.

Section 2

Just few new commands available to donators:

/pika  Become a pikachu

/hat You get a hat of what your holding, yes a hat.

/prefix set     Allows you to change your prefix see For more info.

/set home x3  You can set two extra homes for a total of 3 ( excluding bed spawn)

/delhome        Has more use.

/homelist   Lists your homes.



The END.


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Owners of other guides Linked:

Yutolio: Breeding guide and Re-learning moves guide,

CakeNSteak - Prefix Guide.

Sethlopod- Pixelpoints feature explanations.



You forgot to mention that placing down your very first chest will automatically create a 9x9 land claim for you. Other than that, awesome guide!

`Thanks for the suggestion Matt 

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How about a rundown on what the different sources of income are? E.g Selling drops at ./pokemart, selling pokemon and items to players and participating in voting

^ will be added when I have the time 

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Also you could add in the command ./trapped, which gets you out of an area you are stuck inside.

Stop being clever zapps, making more work 

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Perhaps a guide to the quest?

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Good idea will be added when i have free time 

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Last thing im gonna add is you should explain how the mailbox system works between kanto and johto.

Add information on banned / unusable items.

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did you add what mods are not allowed on the server?


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Will add if I decide to keep this going.