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[Project] Adventure server

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Hello there,

I'm planning on setting up an official project to create an adventure server. I would like to ask you guys to help me make this project possible. Just read all the info below if you're interested in helping.

What is it?
The adventure server will be a server where building and breaking is not allowed. You will go on a pokemon adventure trough one or multiple regions. In these regions you'll be able to complete quests, train your pokemon, fight npc's and much more. Maybe we'll even make a npc gym system (including E4) ;).

When will this happen?
The development of this server could start within 1/2 weeks, once we got a proper team to work on it. The actual project would take a bit longer though. Development of an adventure server should be done with care and all content created should be of high quality. This would cause development times to go into possibly a few months. 

How will this happen?
We will create teams with each their different tasks and each their own team captain. The project leads will communicate via these team captains to ensure everything going quick and smooth. Each team will exist of people skilled in the tasks they have to do. The different teams will be listed below.

Project Lead

Builders; Builders are the people who build all the city's, landscapes, etc. for the server. Some of them would also work on making the actual map with tools like worldpainter.
Lore writers; Lore writers are responsible for writing the story and making quests for this story.
Configuring spawnrates; Responsible for configuring pokemon spawnrates and locations. This is harder then it seems, since everything needs to be well placed and balanced.
Npc design; Responsible for creating and placing the pokemon npc's. This is harder then it seems, since everything needs to be well placed and balanced.

So if this sounds interesting to you and you want to help, please reply with the following data below or send me a PM.
- Your ingame name
- Your age
- The role/task you want
- Why would you be good with this role/task
- What motivates you to help with this project
- Are you able to use teamspeak? (not required although it would be better for communication)
Note: replying below does not guaranty a spot in the team. I am looking for skilled people in each task.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them below as well. 

With regards,

I sent you a pm.

Messaged you :)

[Johto] /warp battle is open

[Planet] /warp battlearena is under construction

[Kanto] Waiting for item auction



maybe you dont have to get npc gym leaders and e4, it would be cool if the champ gets beaten up the winner is the new chamion


sent you a message


There any world edit parts of the build section or only worldpainter? I have some decent experience with World editing things but not worldpainter.

I'm down to lend a hand for this build

SCOTTSHxTATTIES, 13, Builder, I think i would be good because im a fast neat builder, My motivation is that i want to help the server in every way i can, :), yes i have TeamSpeak.

Heey guys, just a quick update:

We're currently waiting for the map to be made with worldpainter. Once this is done we can put it on a server and start working. It's a big map, so just a little bit more patience. 

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

I might be able to help as a builder. I like to build and decorate (check out nethergym, 92rentals, oprjcity2 - all those warps are at hoenn and I built a lot there).

My game name is 92aht, my age is 22, Im good at building and I'm not going to say I'm an expert, but you may judge after the buildings I've already made.

I could also help a bit with quests, I got a great imagination! Well, I believe I do :P

My motivation? Hmm.... I just want to be a part of this because it seems like a great idea! I like working on teams when building etc, because I think it's boring to build all alone. I like projects like this.

Teamspeak.. I never actually tried it, and I don't know how to use it, but everytime must be a first, right? :)

PM me if I can help! :)

(I'm online at hoenn now and will stay on for a lil while, just come if you want me to show you what I've built)


Send me a message if you need my help - I will do my best to help you with your problem :)

Name: Superflexion

Age: 17

Role: Builder

I have experience using MC Edit, worldpainter, voxel sniper, and other map making tools.  I have helped design servers before, such as the LittleLizard Pixelmon server when it first came out.  I am currently on a college schedule, so I have plenty of free time in which I would be able to participate in this project.

I would like to help out with this project because I've quickly grown to love the pixemoncraft community and helping to build an adventure server would be an amazing opportunity to become more involved with this community.

I would be happy to chat in-game if you see me on, I usually play Kanto or Beta.

I've never used Teamspeak before but I'm sure that I would have no problem using it.

Thanks for the consideration,


Update: The map is created with worldpainter. We should be able to set up a server and start working on further development. I'll try to post some screenshots later tonight ;).

Pictures (this is just the terrain we're going to work on. No buildings yet):

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

That gameshark :D

Developing purposes ;). Don't see it as an excuse to start using it, it's still not allowed.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

the map looks awesome and can you plz let me help i love to help :)


It looks awesome! :o

I can't wait to get started on the buildings! The map looks great so far :D

Hello Downyy. I have sent you a PM

Ingame name: Xxchris789xX

Age: 16

Role/task: Builder

Why would I be good with this role/task: First of all I have experience with Minecraft building software such as MCedit to develop maps. I highly enjoy making high quality buildings on Minecraft put a lot of time and effort in anything I build. I've had past experience with map making and quest building through successful maps on the Minecraft forums such as: - Tropical Parkour: - The Lost Sun part 1 & 2:

What will motivate me to help with this project: The motivation that will encourage me in helping with this incredible project will be the fact of building my own designs etc. on my favorite server. I've been playing on Pixelmoncraft for a long time (When the only server was Kanto); this would be my best achievement to help out.

Am I able to use Teamspeak? Yes, but unfortunately my computer is placed in my living room. This means I wont be able to verbally communicate over Teamspeak. However, I'm quick at typing!

Thank you for taking the time to read my application :)


​See you on Kanto!

Messaged ya :)

Need help? Message me here or in-game/Teamspeak!

Still looking for help Downyy?

flashsorcerermc, 13, Builder I like helping a lot I like building slowly ( Only because I need to see if I made errors ) and I love helping servers I don't even want admin on your servers, I am currently making a Team Speak but I have a skype if you want it (SuperFoxjohnnington)

I'd love to assist.


- IGN: ArceusMI
- Age: 17
- Role: Builder, Terrain if possible. Also, could do Lore or Spawnrate.
- Why am I good?: I am good with WorldPainter, and I compare images side-by-side on my dual-monitors for accuracy.
- Purpose: Standard Kanto is too competitive for me, I can hardly beat the first gym due to high level cap.
- Teamspeak avail.?: Possibly, it depends on it my computer will be nice or not.


Please take this into consideration. Thanks,


What do you mean it still isn't allowed? Over 75% of the population uses it and lemon himself said he didn't care. @gameshark

Lemon is weird ;). Let me put it like this: It won't be allowed on the adventure server. For the sake of game balance. It would be like cheating in pokemon on the gameboy, no fun.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Is there any update on when the server will be up to build?

We're currently waiting for lemon to create the server with the correct map.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

So basically everything is Lemon's fault...Get it together Lemon

The adventure build server has finally been set up =). Just configuring some permissions etc for the build teams. Should be able to send the server info to all teams later tonight.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

I went on but I don't seem to have any permissions.  Also, should the teams set specific times to all log on so that we can work together?

If there are any projects that can be done in a solo world/MCedit I can do those and upload schematics :)

Read the message I send you (and everyone else). All info is there.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Me and my army preparing to take over prof. Oaks lab on the adventure server.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

wait... so i can use gameshark?


Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Still looking for skilled builders wo are willing to help with the project.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Sneak peak of the almost finished spawn @ adventure server.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Sended you a PM! :D



Private Message here for assistance.



- Your ingame name: Nils800
- Your age: 14
- The role/task you want: Npc Design
- Why would you be good with this role/task: Well, First of all i have played pokemon since I was 5 (My first game was Crystal :D) so I think I would be good at making balanced npcs. (I would try to make the npcs a bit harder than Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire because they were so EASY). I Know how to make npcs + It seems there need to be a little more people on this team or else it would take a very long time for 1 person to make over 100 npcs.
- What motivates you to help with this project: I have played on this server for a year and would love to see this server have a great adventure server, that I could brag about and say "I helped make it" for my irl friends, + This would be an great opportunity to gain more experience and get deepened into the community
- Are you able to use teamspeak?: I can fix it, but I have skype. (Skype name: Aligatorn77)

Well I can help with almost everything, I can make pokemon spawners, build/duplicate buildings in the same style as others and I can give some ideas for a story.

If normal people want to join this much --- I want to join this much ------------------------------------  XD

Message sent (:


"Woohoo I'm a bug reporter!" Maddiesprint:  26/02/2015: #Overexaggerate

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I got an idea for the server, Hide pokeloot over the world so you claim all tms you can in the real games and some items

There will be no pokeloot, all TM's and HM's will be recieves from quests, etc.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:


Please please could I be in this (:

"Woohoo I'm a bug reporter!" Maddiesprint:  26/02/2015: #Overexaggerate

"Over 300 posts!" Maddiesprint: 15/03/2015: #Forumposter


downyy if you ever need help I will help you, I just dont like building because it is a order or something like that.

rowing is awesome



Bump, still looking for talented builders and lore writers. ;).

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

- Your ingame name

- Your age
17 (ish)

- The role/task you want
Lore Writer

- Why would you be good with this role/task
Despite not studying English at the moment I still have a keen interest in creative writing. I enjoy reading and ike a wide range of stories and genres. I think I'm a bit of a quirky person meaning, hopefully, that the things I may were to write may be mildly interesting to some people out there.

- What motivates you to help with this project
Because of the amount of time I've spent on the servers around I would say I've become somewhat of a fan. To do something that might actually help the server would be a thing that would honesty mean a great deal to me. I enjoy helping others and giving them something to do. What I'm about to say is very cliché but I'm going to say it anyway... I believe that you never know how someone is doing in real life, if I could help provide a 5 minute escape where they can do something to distract themselves from the outside then that'd make all the work worth while.
Knowing that anyone enjoyed what I helped create would be motivation enough for me :)

- Are you able to use teamspeak? (not required although it would be better for communication)
Yes I am.

Wow... that was cheesy. Very cheesy.
Oh well, hope you see the point of it all. 
Thanks for reading all this waffle :)



Downyy just letting you know I didn't quit I'm gonna be back soon

Hello Downyy I'd Like to get involved with this build.

Age: 19 as of November

Role I want: Builder

Why Would I be good with this role: I have pretty decent experience with big build projects and can make (In my opinion) Nice looking homes. Examples of my work include /warp island and /warp rocketbase (Wip) on /hoenn.

Motivation: I would like to help out with this project since I have been around the server for well over a year now and this seems like a great way to help out. Being able to get in on this project would mean a ton to me as I could say that I have helped with a major project on the server =) . <- May seem kinda not very motivational but believe me thats all the motivation I need.

Able To Use TS: No sadly as running it and Minecraft (or any 3D rendered game) lags my internet too much for me to play.

Anyway Please Consider Me for a building role in the grand scheme of things that this adventure server is.

Thanks, Tachoda

Edit: Realized after the fact that I forgot my Ingame name and it of course is Tachoda

#Necropost How is this project going? Is anyone still working on it?

"Woohoo I'm a bug reporter!" Maddiesprint:  26/02/2015: #Overexaggerate

"Over 300 posts!" Maddiesprint: 15/03/2015: #Forumposter


I want to join >.<

Im a good builder, + Im good at copying styles so if someone build 1 house I could easily make a whole city of it. (Go /warp nilsua. Its the place you used your ore thing when you was invisible)

I can make NPCS.

I have played pokemon for 9 years so I could probably help balance things.

Could help a bit with the story line.