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I understand but.

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Ok i understand , i may have used my speech incorrectly a few times with /me, but I wouldn't do it again, i've been muted for over 2 days now which really is hard to communicate so i can ask questions like, whats best for my pokemon, etc. Its really tough to communicate but as i am muted, and idk for even how long, I changed my wording into a much more mature and appropriate way of speaking. Please may i get an unmute (username AggressiveDuck1    )            Please let me be unmuted, for i do not know how long i have been muted for and so and so have changed my ways, for it has been about 2 days now.

sorry wrong forum, changed it to general discussion

I'm not seeing any notes on you so I've gone ahead and unmuted you. However, I'd like to speak with you about it when you're online again.

Alright sure, anytime.