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How to Transfer Pokemon

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Hello everybody,

I am getting used to how this all works still. Just recently; I've been exploring the Safari and I've caught a few poke's and would like to transfer them to the Kanto Server. What is the process of doing that exactly? (and is it possible to transfer pokemon to Safari from Kanto?) Thank you for the help!

with appreciation,


Basically it is /store 1-6 and then /pokebank or /c all on the other server to claim them back.

Hey is it possible to transfer pokemon from the old safari server to the new one? I didn't think it was possible at first so I just moved them from the old safari server the to the new kanto one but now I would like to know if I can get them to the new safari server as I wasn't done training them yet. Thanks.

Do not think you can transfer any pokes to safari, sorry