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Old 1.7.10 Server

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I Was Wondering If Its Still Possible To Log Into The Old Server And Transfer Pokemons



Yes that is possible.

Bout to start playing on the old servers again 

Lol don't do that they are not meant for playing anymore, and soon they will get updated to 1.12.2 with an empty world for just pokemon retrieval purposes.

I'll save the worlds for future keepsake tho.

How do i get my pokemon from the old Johto server, i ha legendaries and shinies... hours and hours, days, weeks, months playing and now its all gone?!


Go to the legacy server, do /store and then go on new kanto and do /pokebank all. I believe you can do 32 pokes at a time

Maybe a world download? Would love to be able to keep the memories

what is the address for these old servers if they are still up? If they are, i have sooooo many pokemon that i would love to get back