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Hi there. Every time I log in, I can see the skybox and sometimes the world renders, but within 5 seconds I'm kicked due to a java IO Exception. "Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" I saw the the other post about this, updated Java, got WinMTR same problem. Here's the report from WinMTR:

Help is appreciated :>

I send you a pm with a traceroute from the server to your ip, can you make some more MTR reports and make sure the ip's from the hops are listed as well? Perhaps just make a screenshot of the results may work better than this text list.

Get a new PC 

This comment is totally unrelated and not needed, a pc has nothing to do with the connection to a server, may be a connection issue may even be a server issue we're trying to find out. 



Maybe a bad NAT type?