Dungeons and Dragons

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Ever wanted to try out D&D but don't really have a group to play with?  Well I decided to start a group on Roll20 for just that.  My plan is to do a short adventure with a group so people can get the opportunity to try out some d&d.  It will not be a long-term campaign; however, it may take approximately 4 hours to play through depending on the groups pace.  If enough people are interested then we will form a couple of smaller groups to do the adventure.  In order to participate you have to have a working microphone/headset and be able to use teamspeak and/or discord.  You also have to be able to commit to a play time which is yet to be determined.  Don't worry if you don't have any experience - this is what that is for.  And if people end up enjoying it, maybe you can start your own group :)

Here is the invite for the roll20 group for anyone that is interested.  I will use this to gauge interest, form groups, etc. so please do not join unless it is something that you are genuinely interested in playing. 


Is this the game that you and Goblin were talking about on teamspeak? Seems interesting. Maybe I will get it.

It is in fact the game - but not necessarily something you get that you can play solo. Its a role playing game so you need a group. You're more than welcome to join and play with us if you'd like. Nothing is set in stone yet.