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Pixelmon Auction

The Pixelmon Auction system is a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins. 

Name Level Shiny Nature Growth Gender Ability Price
Politoed Politoed 1 Yes Hasty Ordinary Female WaterAbsorb 201pc
Natu Natu 21 Yes Bold Ordinary Female EarlyBird 201pc
Purrloin Purrloin 15 Yes Jolly Ordinary Male Limber 201pc
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff 1 Yes Docile Ordinary Female Competitive 201pc
Doduo Doduo 1 Yes Gentle Ordinary Male RunAway 201pc
Arbok Arbok 1 Yes Bold Ordinary Male Intimidate 201pc
Walrein Walrein 52 Yes Quiet Small Male IceBody 201pc
Butterfree Butterfree 1 Yes Impish Ordinary Male CompoundEyes 201pc
Raichu Raichu 25 Yes Naughty Runt Male Static 201pc
Remoraid Remoraid 19 Yes Jolly Huge Male Hustle 201pc
Sneasel Sneasel 26 Yes Gentle Huge Male InnerFocus 201pc
Bastiodon Bastiodon 1 No Timid Enormous Male Sturdy 201pc
Goldeen Goldeen 10 Yes Mild Ordinary Male WaterVeil 101pc
Shuckle Shuckle 32 Yes Calm Huge Female Sturdy 501pc
Larvitar Larvitar 1 No Quiet Small Female Guts 151pc
Larvitar Larvitar 1 No Lonely Pygmy Female Guts 101pc
Larvitar Larvitar 1 No Quirky Huge Male Guts 201pc
Pichu Pichu 1 No Docile Microscopic Male Static 201pc
Froakie Froakie 1 No Sassy Runt Male Torrent 201pc
Growlithe Growlithe 1 No Careful Huge Male Intimidate 201pc
Larvitar Larvitar 1 No Modest Huge Male Guts 201pc
Kingler Kingler 1 No Careful Ordinary Female HyperCutter 201pc
Pichu Pichu 1 No Adamant Pygmy Male Static 201pc
Dratini Dratini 1 No Rash Small Male MarvelScale 201pc
Froakie Froakie 1 No Quirky Small Male Torrent 201pc